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Bill Wellman is requesting information regarding the attached picture.  Sorry for the poor quality of the pic.


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Bill Wellman submits the following:  “Here is another photo taken in front of the Honky-Tonk one early spring or fall day.  It must have been coat and sweater time but the tree in  the background is still covered in leaves.  It must have been 1948 or 1949, Most likely 1949.  Anyone care to guess or do you know.”  Bill W.

By the way, nice HD.   

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Above is the picture that was in yesterday’s post.  Bill Wellman has revealed her identity.  She was Bill’s third grade teacher at Fort Gay graded school.  Her name was Lotus Brown.  Bill doesn’t know what ever happened to her.  Anyone out there remember her and what happened to her?  She is most certainly a beautiful lady. 

Anyone having information or pictures you would like posted, please pass them along.  Just include in an email.

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Bill Wellman submits the below photo for identification.  I do not know who it is but I have a guess which I won’t post.  She is someone who touched many lives of people our age in our formative years according to Bill.  There is a clue and it is 1918.  I don’t know if that is when the person was born or this her picture from 1918.  Guess away!  Please!

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Below is a picture from 1956.  Can anyone identify the device being loaded on the airplane?

SECOND QUESTION:  How many verses are there in our National Anthem?  Monday mornings are really tough.

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Bill Wellman writes:  ” This is a picture of Betty Thompson in her new 1949 yellow with black top Chevrolet Hard Top.  The light was not adequate to see details of Betty sitting in the car.  The building in the background is what I knew as the Travers Building.  That could have been a distortion of the word Traveler’s.  It does look like a stage-coach stop and passenger handling facility.  The right side of the building was, at one time, the residence of Granny Ratcliff, Chester Ratcliff’s mother.  The Duncan family resided in the left portion of the ground floor.  There were two apartments upstairs and the Goebel Crabtree Family lived in one of them at one time.  At the time of the photo, I think a TV repair shop occupied the ground floor-right apartment.”

I have added:  Can anyone identify the make and year of the car in the background across the street from Betty’s car?  Thanks to Bill for sending the photo.

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Anyone care to guess where this picture was taken or what it is a picture of?  It is a picture of a well-known West Virginia landmark.  I am placing this on the site to again remind all of their WV and Fort Gay heritage and the Heritage Days events to be held in the town of Fort Gay on the weekend beginning September 3, 2010.

Yesterdays writings discussed the street dance planned for September 3 and the opening ceremonies and Grand Parade planned for September 4.  Now is the time to shine up the old car, polish the motorcycle, or any other conveyance you might have and begin planning to enter the parade.  Again there will be cash prizes for the first, second, and third place finishers.

One of the focal points in Saturdays activities will be a 20′ x 40′ tent placed on the Middle School lawn with seating, in real chairs,  for 100.  Activities in the tent will be several musical programs. There will be perhaps as many as 6 or 7 different music programs consisting of musical styles to please everyone.  Anyone for karaoke?  It’s going to happen.

Arts and crafts are going to abound.  If you are an artist or a crafts person then you need to start planning to be involved.  Welcomed would be all types of old-time crafts, things that our parents and grandparents did of necessity but have been forgotten by many with our rush to the future.  Anyone know how to make a broom, any old portable grist mills out there, shoe a horse, wood carving,  just let your imagination run wild.  Remember, this is about our past not our future.

Anyone ever say while at the event that they would like to stay longer but the “kids or grand kids are driving me nuts”.  Well, that is being taken care of.  There is going to be an inflatable children’s park set up on the grounds that will keep them occupied for as long as they wish.

There will be several food venues set up on and around the middle school area.  I am sure that Fort Gay Baptist Church will have their famous soup beans, corn bread, salad and dessert available.  Other area churches will probably be doing something.  FREE WORLD FAMOUS BROMLEY RIDGE WATER will be available all day long at the FGHS Alumni Association big tent.  Also some chairs and a shady spot to rest your tired feet and join in some great conversation, and, it is rumored, some raffle tickets on a beautiful king sized hand pieced quilt.

The plan of the Heritage Days Committee is to have something available for everyone on Saturday lasting from early morning until late evening.  In past years activities had ended by 3 pm.  This years schedule goes up until about 7 or 8 o’clock. 

A group worship service is being planned for Sunday afternoon, September 5.  All area churches have been contacted to determine their interest.  More information on this will be made available.

As planning becomes more finalized we will be placing more information on this site plus sending it out with mailings to FGHS Alumni regarding our annual banquet and golf tournament. 

If you would like to be involved in any of this or have suggestions please contact Melissa (Missy) Meredith at info@wccso.org.

If you know the above picture please post your answer on the comments section.

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