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The above is a picture submitted by Bill Wellman.  Bill knows who it is and where it is located.  Do You?  We would like to have more pictures such as this to publish.

We are preparing for the annual reunion scheduled for Labor Day weekend.  The first FGHSAA board  meeting of the year is rapidly approaching.  It is scheduled for April 13, 9:30 AM at the Fort Gay Baptist Church.  If you live in the area why not come on out and join us.  We will have donuts and coffee.

There is no obligation to join the board in attending the meeting.  You might find that you like it and wish to  become involved.  It is not hard work and  a lot of satisfaction can be gained through working to support the FGHS Memorial Scholarship.  We would love to have people join us from the 60s, 70s, and 80s.  It would be great to have a group from that era take over and manage the reunion and administration of the scholarship.  YOU WILL RECEIVE A LOT OF PERSONAL SATISFACTION IN KNOWING THAT YOU ARE AIDING A GROUP OF YOUNG PEOPLE FROM THE AREA IN ACHIEVING A GOAL OF A COLLEGE DEGREE.  Any questions, just contact us through the contact section.


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Hi, friends.  The update on Sue is she is home and doing well.  I had a close call but your prayers and God’s will for my life brought me through.  Hope to see you in August-Sept 2010….the Lord willing for both of us.
Keep me in your prayers as you are always in mine.

                                                             Sue Maynard Harbaugh

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We are looking for a picture or pictures of the street in front of the High School as it would have appeared in the 40s, 50, or 60s.  We would like a shot of the side of the street that would have included Ball’s store, Nate Thompson’s store, the saloon, and whatever else would have been on that side.  We would like to have a picture of the old “Honky Tonk”, both interior and exterior.  If anyone has these and would put them in a file and email them to me or if unable to email send them by regular mail  we would promptly return them.  We would like to publish them on the site.  I think a lot of people would like to see if it was as we remember.  If you can help, just reply to this post.

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What you see above is a quilt that is crafted by Mary Jo Damron and the members of “Mountain Memories Quilt Guild” of which Mary is president. Those of you that have visited their display located in the Fort Gay library at Heritage Days knows what an excellent these ladies do.  The quality of their work is unsurpassed anywhere.  Dale Robinson, one of the members that worked on the quilt,  passed away before it was finished

As these ladies  have  done in the past, they quilted this over the winter and are  donating this to the Alumni Association for the purpose of raising money for the FGHS Memorial Scholarship.  For this act of kindness we are ever grateful to them. In the past we have sold tickets on the quilts, however, this year we have decided to sell it outright.

The quilt is king size, 110 x 97 inches.  The colors are dark green, light green, with gold and floral centers in the blocks.  It is something anyone would be proud to own.  I bought one of Mary’s quilts last year and gave it to my granddaughter and her fiance as an engagement gift.  They were thrilled.  Some of Sarah’s friends in Indianapolis have wanted to buy hers.  Of course, it is not for sale.

We are selling the quilt for $500.00, and   the  first person to contact me will be the proud owner.  The quality is excellent and quilts such as this displayed at any quality quilt show sell for considerably more.

Remember the money from this quilt will be donated by Mary and the guild to the FGHS  Memorial Scholarship.  We look forward to hearing from you

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 ‘Below is something Bill Wellman wrote of.  Anyone out there remember this”

In a previous chapter, I mentioned a man who came to Fort Gay and held a performance, of sorts, on the stage in the auditorium or the High School Gym.  I am sure that I did not recall the man’s name but I did recall many of the things he did on stage.  He was introduced to the audience by his wife and I believe she assisted him in setting up the stage and setting up each of the acts that he performed.  After the introduction he began demonstrating the various things that he could do by himself and his other abilities, even though he had no arms.

Then after starting this I just happened to run across a personally autographed copy of his souvenir folder of pictures of the man.  His name was Ray R. Myers and he billed himself as “The Armless Musician”.  The photos show him in a very nice business suit with his wife, and other photos showing him accomplishing other daily tasks that most all of us may take for granted.  Photos showing tasks such as reading the newspaper, combing his hair, opening and pouring a drink from a bottle, playing a guitar, writing a letter and other tasks are in the folder.  All of these things he also accomplished on stage during his performance.  There is no indication of the year of his appearance there but I am sure it was near 1944 or 1945, or perhaps earlier. 

And then some time after the performance in Fort Gay, I got wind of a rumor being circulated that the man had been arrested as an enemy spy.  The proof that was offered was that guitar was actually a disguised radio transmitter with which he communicated with the enemy.  I can’t imagine what secrets that he could have communicated to anyone but that was the way things went through my world at the time.  I’ll bet others near my age will also recall the event.  This is one of the pictures of the souvenir folder. 







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Sue Update

Sue just called me..home and sounded good…very grateful for all the concern.. 
Richard pass it on.  pw

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Great News!! 
I have talked to Sue and she thinks she will be going home today or tomorrow.  She sounds good, the doctor thought it would be about a week before she got her normal voice back after the ventilator was taken off but she already sounds just like always.  She is walking around the halls and back to eating regular food and drink.  The doctor says her recovering so fast is miraculous.
Sue, Paul and the family want to thank everyone for their prayers.  The power of prayer does work miracles.

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