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One of the goals for FGHS Alumni arriving in Fort Gay for the annual reunion on Labor Day weekend is to visit the old high school and visit their class picture hanging in the halls of the retired building.  As of last summer this became impossible because of the closing of the old building and movement of the middle school to their new facilities.  With the closing of the building it was feared that the pictures, which are a part of the alumni heritage, would be lost.

Through a lot of effort,  and not a small amount of good fortune, the Wayne County Board of Education gave the pictures to the FGHS Alumni Association.  Their only stipulation was that they would not be sold.  The pictures were removed and stored in a temperature controlled and secure location until a proper new  home could be found where they would be available for viewing by all who wished.

After a year-long search, that location has been found.  Due to a recent addition, the Fort Gay Public Library has expressed a desire to have custody of the pictures for display for all to see during library hours.  Accordingly, the FGHS Alumni Association has signed an agreement with the public library that places the pictures on permanent loan with the stipulation that they will provide a safe and secure display area and that in the event of movement or closing of the library should ever occur then custody would revert to the FGHS Alumni Association.

The official turning over of the pictures will occur at 11 am on Saturday, August 30 at a ceremony at the public library.  They will then be available for public viewing.  We do think you will be proud of the environment surrounding them.  We do thank Ms. Shiela Bowen for making this space available.

additionally, prior to the pictures being moved to the library, pictures were made of each and converted to a CD.  They are of very good quality considering the age of the pictures.  These will be sold by the FGHS Alumni Association at our banquet on Friday evening, August 29, and again at the Alumni tent on the lawn of the old high school on Saturday, August 3o.  Following this a quantity will be placed in the Fort Gay Public Library for ongoing sales by them.  We will also have an address where you will be able to mail order them.  The cost will be $10.00 each and all monies will go 100% to the Fort Gay High School Memorial Scholarship.  Mail order cost will remain at $10.00 each, however, there will be a $5.00 shipping and handling charge.  These will make a wonderful gift for all who have a Fort Gay or Fort Gay High School connection.

Anyone with questions can email me for information at:  richard.plymale@gmail.com.




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